Explore our services. We are a full service Notaries Public offering Real Estate Conveyancing, Mortgages, and Estate Planning.

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Real Estate

A home is generally the most valuable and important asset one acquires. That is why you want to leave the paperwork up to us. We are trained professionals. Unlike law firms, we devote 85% of our time to real estate conveyancing. Our entire operation is dedicated to your real estate needs. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you can depend on us to process your transaction on time and at a reasonable cost.

Asset Management

For those who need assistance in managing their finances, correspondence, medications and health care planning we can manage all aspects of your finances, ensuring your bills are paid and applying benefits. We will keep your family up to date on your health and ensure that your medical needs are being met. We set up and make all arrangements for appointments and medications; even arranging transportation.

Financial Management

We pay your bills, arrange to file your income taxes, re-direct mail if necessary, cancel and re-direct utilities. We will apply for benefits you might be entitled to.


We will keep your friends and family up to date on your health condition if you are unable to make contact with them. We can help you write your life story. We can help you get all your paperwork in order, too. That always gives you a feeling of satisfaction when you know you are not leaving loose ends for someone else to deal with.

Pre-Arranged Funeral Arrangements

We encourage and assist with making plans for memorial services up to and including pre-prepared obituaries and memorial pamphlets. This gives you the final say in what is said or written about you after you are gone.

Health Care and Personal Advocacy

We find that people who have to fend for themselves, especially when they are ill or in crisis, can fall between the cracks in our overworked system. We will set up and co-ordinate your medical appointments, including care assessments, and Veterans Affairs. We will make arrangements for transportation to and from your appointments if you are unable to drive. If you have trouble hearing or communicating with the Doctor, we will send a companion with you to record what is said.


We will keep a record of your medications, monitor use and ensure refills reach you on time.

Travel Letters

When a child is traveling with one parent or another adult out of the country, only the parent or parents who are NOT traveling with the child need to sign a letter of consent (in front of the Notary). If the child is traveling with an organized group (such as a sports team), both parents or parent who has sole custody needs to sign.

If your group is local, call us to arrange for a group signing, which we can offer at a significantly reduced rate.

The adult signing must produce government issued photo identification.

The following letters are available for download – please fill them in before you arrive at the office but do not sign them until you are with the Notary. Please make an appointment. 250-656-3951 or toll free 1-866-956-3951.

Other Services

Services a Notary may provide:

  • Residential Real Estate Transfers
  • Commercial Real Estate Transfers
  • Mortgage Documentation and Refinancing of present debt
  • Manufactured Home Transfers
  • Purchaser's end of Foreclosures
  • Wills Preparation
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Representation Agreements
  • Health Care Directives
  • Estate Planning
  • Nomination of Committee
  • Deed of Gift
  • Easements + Rights of Way
  • Subdivisions
  • Builders Liens
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Statutory Building Schemes
  • Zoning Applications
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Business Purchase and Sale
  • Drafting Business Contracts
  • Personal Property Security Agreements
  • Commercial Leases
  • Assignment of Leases
  • Executors Affidavits on Probate applications
  • Will Searches
  • Documentation for Small Estates
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Swearing of Oaths and Affidavits
  • Certified True Copies of Documents
  • Notarizations and Attestation of Signatures
  • Execution and Authentication of International Documents
  • Insurance Loss Declarations
  • Certified true copies
  • Letters of Invitation for Foreign Visitors
  • Authorization for Minor Child Travel
  • Passport Application Documentation
  • Marine Bill of Sale
  • Marine Mortgage
  • Marine Protestations
  • Mediation
  • Real Estate Disclosure Statements