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Representation Agreements

While a Power of Attorney is used for financial and legal matters, a Representation Agreement is used for health care and personal care matters. There are two types: Standard, which covers routine financial and health care decisions, and Enhanced, which provides broader powers for health care only, including end of life decision making. These agreements are particularly important for people who do not have a spouse or children or for people who cannot rely on their family members due to distance, lack of communication or a difference in values. Your representative should be someone who is available, willing and competent to help you with health and personal care decisions. It is a much bigger job than most people realize. We are available to be your health care advocate if you want to have experienced, personalized service and you live in the Sidney area.

We will need the following information to help you with a Representation Agreement:

  • Your name, address, date of birth and phone number
  • Your representative and alternate representative(s) name, address, email,
    phone number and date of birth
  • Your monitor’s name, address and phone number if applicable

Instructions for Representation Agreement for Health Care