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What we will need if you are buying:

  •  Name and contact information for your realtor
  • Contract of Purchase and Sale
  • Full legal names, occupations and contact information of all buyers
  • Buyers address, if they will not be residing at the new property
  • Contact information for Lender or mortgage broker
  • Name of Insurance Broker
  • Your address, email, fax and phone numbers
  • Information on an existing tenant ( obtain from realtor or seller)
  • Survey Certificate if one is available ( obtain from realtor or seller)
  • Two pieces of ID, one must be a government issued photo ID
  • How you want to be registered on title
    1. Joint tenants with right of survivorship (the survivor becomes sole owner) or
    2. Tenants in common (your share stays in your estate and is dealt with in your will)
  • If you are a first time buyer, eligible for the property transfer tax exemption, we will need:
    1. your birth date
    2. Social Insurance Number
    3. a list of where you have resided for the past five years

Information about who is eligible to claim the first time home buyer exemption can be found at www.rev.gov.bc.ca. Search First Time Buyers Program

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