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We can assist you with the preparation of a Contract of Purchase and Sale if you have reached an agreement with a prospective buyer or if you are the buyer. We charge an additional fee for this service. Average price for a contract is $ 300 to $ 500. Sometimes the buyer and seller agree to share the fee.

What we need if you are selling privately:

  • Name, address and contact information of buyers and sellers
  • Legal description of the property
  • Purchase price
  • Amount of deposit
  • Any conditions (subject clauses)
  • Closing dates
  • Details of any leased equipment ( furnace, oil/propane tanks etc.)
  • Survey Certificate if one is available
  • Copy of the most recent tax bill, marked paid if applicable
  • Copy of the title if you have one
  • Copy of your most recent mortgage statement
  • Name of your strata management firm or the person who manages the strata corporation
  • Form B – Information Certificate (from the strata management)
  • If you have a tenant we will also need your tenant’s name, the amount and date of the Security Deposit, the amount of rent paid and date due
  • Details on any leased equipment ( e.g. furnace or oil/propane tanks)
  • Your current address, email, fax and phone numbers
  • Your forwarding address, phone number, and email
  • Two pieces of ID, one must be a government issued photo ID